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When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first day of each calendar month

Is there a fee for late rent payment?

Yes. The late fee is $50. However, we offer a three-day grace period. This means that your late fee will be automatically posted on the fourth day of each calendar month

How do I pay my rent?

The easiest way to pay your rent is online, through our secure tenant portal at 

You may also pay your rent with cash, a personal check, a cashier's check, or a money order made out to Rock Rentals. These can be delivered in person or mailed to the Rock Rentals office at 1129 West 4th Ave. Hutchinson, Kansas 67501

Is there a fee to pay my rent online?

If you pay online using an e-check, credit, or debit card, you will have to pay a small convenience fee. The amount of the fee will be clearly listed when you pay.

If I have a balance on my account, but pay this month’s rent on time, will I get a late fee?

Yes. If you owe multiple charges, your payment will be applied to the oldest charges first. Any unpaid balance remaining is subject to late fees.

What if my check is returned?

If you pay us with a check that gets returned without being paid, you will be charged $27 in addition to your late payment fee.


How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is equal to one month’s rent.

How soon will I get my deposit back when I move out?

Your security deposit balance will be mailed to you within thirty days of when your liability for rent ends and you return your keys to Rock Rentals, as long as you have provided a forwarding address. 

What deductions will be taken from my deposit?

We may deduct money from your security deposit for the following reasons:

• Damaging the residence beyond normal wear and tear, as determined by Rock Rentals.

• Failure to clean the residence, leaving it dirtier than it was when your lease started. If you don’t clean the residence, you will be charged $45/hour for us to clean it.

• Failure to clean the refrigerator and/or the stove, if such appliances are provided

• Leaving debris, trash, and/or discards at the residence or property

• Failure to clean the gutters and mow the yard (in season)

• Terminating your lease early

• Failure to give Rock Rentals a written 30-day notice of your intention to move out

• Unpaid balance on your account including rent, late charges, and/or maintenance charges

• Failure to return all keys and garage door remotes (if applicable) to Rock Rentals


What happens if I break my lease?

If you break your lease early, you will be charged a $300 re-listing fee to compensate for the expense of re-renting the property. 

You must continue paying rent until the end of the lease term, or until the property is re-rented. If the property is re-rented within the lease term, Rock Rentals will refund a prorated amount to the tenant, to avoid collecting double rent. The $300 fee still applies. 

What if I want to stay at the residence after my lease expires?

If you choose to stay at the residence after your lease expires, your lease will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis. You may request to sign another 12-month lease at any time.

If my lease is finished do I still need to give a 30 day notice?

Yes. Whether you’ve reached the end of your lease or are renting month-to-month, you must give at least 30 days written notice of your intention to move out. Keep in mind that leases end the end of the month, we don't prorate rent at move out. 

What is an acceptable form of 30 day notice?

You may give your notice in person, mail it in, or send an email. You can also submit notice through your portal under the "contact us" section. Text messages are not an acceptable form of 30 day notice.

Is rent prorated at the end of my lease?

Rent due will not be prorated at the termination of the lease. If you’re living in the residence on the first day of the calendar month, you must pay rent for that entire calendar month. 

Who may stay at the house?

Only the people named in the lease may live at the residence. Guests may stay no more than fourteen days without written permission from Rock Rentals.

How do I add someone to the lease? 

New tenants wishing to be added to the lease must submit an application and be approved in the same manner as the original tenants. Follow the steps below to add a tenant to your existing lease:

1. Notify Rock Rentals that you wish to add someone to the lease.

2. Direct the applicants to complete an application (with fee) on any vacant property on our website. They should note the correct address on the application and we'll switch it on our end.

3. Once the application is approved, Rock Rentals will charge a $50 processing fee and send a new lease for all parties to sign. The new lease will not extend the term length of the original lease unless specified otherwise. 

How do I get someone off my lease?

Rock Rentals must receive written notice from all parties currently on the lease agreeing to remove the departing party from the lease.

Rock Rentals will charge a $50 processing fee and sign a new lease with the remaining party. The new lease will not extend the term length of the original lease unless specified otherwise. 

The security deposit will belong 100% to the remaining party and will continue to be held by Rock Rentals against damages to the property at final move-out of all parties.  

Who is responsible to pay for utilities?

The tenant is responsible to pay all utilities (electricity, gas, sewer/water, trash, and internet/TV) directly to provider unless stated otherwise in the lease.


Are appliances included with the property?

If appliances (refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer) are in the property at the time of rental, they are included in the rent, but are not warranted. If the appliance fails, it is your responsibility to have it repaired or replaced.

If you wish to provide your own appliances, the existing appliances may be moved into the garage, basement, or other suitable storage building on the property.

If the property does not have appliances, you may purchase your own, or rent appliances from Rock Rentals. Rented appliances are warranted. 

Pets and Smoking

Can I have a pet?

No. Pets are not allowed at any time, unless otherwise specified in the lease. This applies to visitor’s pets as well.

Can I smoke in the house?

No. Smoking in all forms, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, vaping, marijuana, and burning incense or sage is forbidden inside the residence at all times. This includes any garage, basement, or enclosed porch.


Who takes care of spiders, mice, bedbugs, or other pests?

If you run into a significant pest issue within the first two weeks of your stay, report it to us immediately. As long as you report it within two weeks of moving in, and as long as the issue is in the residence itself (excluding basement, crawl-space, garage, or attic), Rock Rentals will take care of the issue at their cost.

However, if a professional exterminator determines that the pest issue is recent and likely to have come to the residence with you when you moved in, then you will be charged for the cost of the extermination.

Any pest issues identified after the first two weeks (fourteen days) of the lease term are your responsibility, and you must cover this cost yourself. 

Who pays for a plugged sewer line?

That depends on the source of the problem. If the plugged line/drain is caused by roots in the line, faulty plumbing, or other non-tenant related issue, we will pay to have your sewer line professionally cleared as soon as possible.

If, however, the technician discovers hair, tampons, disposable diapers, cotton balls, paper towels, cooking grease, or other foreign objects in the sewer line, the cost of the service will be charged to the tenant’s account. Keep in mind that you are responsible if you host visitors and they flush these items. 

Do I have to have my carpets professionally cleaned when I move out?

Yes. When you move out you must pay to have the carpets professionally cleaned, and provide us with proof. We do not accept do-it-yourself methods such as using a Rug Doctor to steam clean the carpets.

Can I make changes to the property?

No, you may not alter the existing property without written approval from Rock Rentals. This includes but is not limited to painting, major landscaping, or any structural modifications. However, you may plant annual or perennial plants in areas set apart from the lawn.

Can I get credit on my rent for improving the property?

No, we do not pay, reimburse, or credit tenants for any repairs or improvements. 

Who do I contact for maintenance at the property?

Contact us as soon as possible if you need maintenance or repairs. 

The best way to request maintenance is to submit an online request through the Maintenance tab on your Online Tenant Portal, or through our app. 

Who do I call if there is an emergency at my property?

If there is an emergency at your property, immediately call 911. For all gas emergencies, contact Kansas Gas. Contact us as soon as is practical after that. 


Can I repaint the walls if I don’t like the color?

No, you may not repaint the walls unless you get written approval from Rock Rentals. Painting the walls counts as a “change to the property,” which is never allowed without approval (see next question). 


Can I have my TV or internet provider install antennas, cables, or satellite dishes?

Although you may use whatever antennas, cabling, cable jacks, satellite dishes and cabling that are already at the residence when you move in, you may not install additional equipment of that sort without written permission from Rock Rentals. If you do get permission from Rock Rentals to install additional equipment, you are responsible for all costs involved, including property damage and installation costs.

Can I hang pictures on the wall?

You may hang pictures by using removable adhesive hangers such as Command Strips. These can be purchased at places like the hardware store, Wal-Mart, or Target. If you wish to use molly bolts, or other anchors that make holes in the wall, you must receive permission from Rock Rentals. This may result in a deduction from your security deposit when you move out. 

What maintenance is the tenant’s responsibility?

You are responsible to replace light bulbs, to keep the property clean inside and out and free of pests, and to immediately report to Rock Rentals any safety or health hazards. If you notice signs of serious building problems such as a crack in the foundation, a tilting porch, a crack in the plaster or stucco, moisture in the ceiling, buckling sheetrock or siding, a leaky roof, a spongy floor, a leaking water heater, or termite activity, you are responsible to report that to us right away. 

Who is responsible for lawn care?

You are responsible to water (if applicable) and mow the lawn, trim bushes, remove small tree growths in fence rows and around the foundation of the house, clear the snow off the sidewalk in front of the house, and perform other related outdoor maintenance. You are also responsible to keep the gutters and downspouts free-flowing. As well as keeping the AC condenser free of dirt, cotton, and other debris.

If your residence falls into such disrepair that the property is in violation of city ordinances, neighbors complain, and/or we find it necessary to intervene, we will take things in hand at your expense. If we do the lawn or exterior maintenance ourselves, a $70/hour surcharge with a one hour minimum will be added to your rent for that month. If we hire a third party, we will pass on their changes.

Who is responsible for changing air filters in the furnace and batteries in smoke alarms?

Rock Rentals replaces the furnace air filter every three months and the smoke alarm batteries every six months during our regular quarterly inspections. If you prefer to use an allergen filter that will be at your cost. Just let us know so we don't replace it during our normal inspection. 


What if I lock myself out of the house?

For $10, we loan you a spare key. You may pick it up at our office during normal business hours, provided that you immediately return it. As our schedule permits, we can visit your home and unlock your door for you for $40 during normal business hours, or $70 after hours.

Can I make a copy of the key?

Yes, you are welcome to make as many copies of your key as you need. Be careful who you give them to. However, all copies must be returned to us at the end of your lease.


Do I have to purchase renter’s insurance? 

Yes. You must purchase and maintain a renter's liability insurance policy as long as you live in one of our residences, and provide us with proof when you move in. Your insurance policy must provide at least $100,000 of liability for accidental damage caused by the tenant, and must cover fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, explosion, and backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump. 

Where can I buy renters insurance?

We recommend that you purchase your insurance from your own insurance provider. However, you may also buy it from Folio Guard Insurance through your tenant portal at 


What if I don’t buy renter’s insurance, or forget to renew my policy?

If you don’t get renters insurance or don’t renew your existing insurance policy, we will sign you up for a $15/month liability-only policy until you provide us with proof of insurance.


Does Rock Rentals perform regular inspections of the property?

Yes, Rock Rentals inspects the property every quarter (3 months). During these walk-throughs, we change the furnace air filters and smoke detector batteries, check for water leaks or other issues that could damage the property or cause unsatisfactory living conditions, and check out any property concerns you may have. 

We will give you a notice before our inspection, usually by automated phone message. You can expect a small gift of appreciation during the inspection.

When is the landlord lawfully allowed to enter my property?

We reserve the right to enter the property with 24 hours’ notice, with or without the tenant's permission, at any reasonable hour for any lawful reason. In the event of an emergency, we reserve the right to enter without notice.

What happens if I fail to keep the property clean?

You are responsible to keep the residence clean, orderly, and sanitary. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Cleaning your home regularly, which includes sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping down your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, sinks, toilets, appliances, etc.

  • Disposing of your ordinary household trash by placing it into the appropriate trash or recycling bins for regular collection. 

  • Disposing of your extraordinary household trash, such as Christmas trees, damaged furniture, broken appliances, and the like, by either compacting it so that it will fit inside the trash cart, hauling it to the dump, or by paying someone else to haul it away. 

  • Complying with all state and city codes and ordinances. This includes but is not limited to health and sanitation, zoning, property appearance ordinances, and the laws concerning landlord/tenant relationships.


Who is the legal landlord?

The full legal name of the landlord is Rock Consolidated, LLC d/b/a Rock Rentals.  Rock Consolidated LLC, d/b/a Rock Rentals is responsible for managing this residence and is authorized to accept legal service on the owner’s behalf at 1129 West 4th Avenue, Hutchinson Kansas 67501.

Where is Rock Rentals’ office located?

Our address is 1129 West 4th Avenue, Hutchinson Kansas 67501.


Can I grill at the rental house?

Yes you may! However, please make sure to stay a safe distance away from all structures, fences, and other flammable items. If your irresponsible grilling practices result in fire damage, you will be held responsible. 

What if my phone number changes while I am renting from Rock Rentals?

If your phone number changes, notify us as soon as possible. We need to be able to contact you. If you fail to respond to communication from us within 48 hours, you are in breach of contract.

What if my guests cause damage to the house? 

As tenant, you are responsible for the conduct of all your guests. This includes making sure they follow the “no pets” rule and the “no smoking” rule. Any plumbing related issues caused by guests are also your responsibility. If your guests cause damage, you are responsible to pay for it.

Should I notify Rock Rentals when I’m on vacation or will be away from home for an extended period of time?

Yes, you must notify Rock Rentals if you plan to be gone from the residence longer than 7 days. You must give this notice on or before the day you leave. If you don’t give notice, and you’re gone longer than 7 days, we may determine that the residence has been abandoned. 

Where can I park my car at the property?

You may park in designated driveways, parking areas, and garages. You are responsible to keep those spaces clean of oil drippings. You may not park on the grass.

Can I repair my car at the property?

If your repairs will take longer than a single day, you may not repair your vehicle on the property, unless you keep it inside an enclosed garage. Garages are not allowed to be used as mechanic shops.

How shall I leave the property when I am away? 

When you leave your property, tightly close all doors, windows, and other building openings to prevent damage from the elements. During the winter, leave the thermostat set to a minimum of 55 degrees to avoid freezing the pipes. During the summer we recommend 78 degrees.

Can I use the fireplace at my house?

No, you may not use open flames in any fireplace at the residence. Unfortunately, this is an insurance liability issue. 


Can I have a water bed?

No, you may not keep any liquid-filled furniture in the residence without written permission from Rock Rentals.


Are there noise restrictions at the property?

Yes, there are noise restrictions. In order to be considerate and respectful of your neighbors, you may not play loud music, make loud noises, or have loud parties at your residence. 

What if there is a fire at the property?

If there is a fire at your property, call 911 immediately. Notify us as soon as possible after that. We will assess and repair the damage. 

If you cannot use the residence because of fire or casualty damage, you will not be responsible to pay rent at that residence. However, if the fire or casualty damage was caused by any occupant’s own action or neglect, they are not relieved of the responsibility for payment of rent, and they will also be financially responsible for repairing the damage.

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