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Core Values of The Rock Group

Business as Mission

Our work matters because it is an act of service and worship to God. We honor who He has created us to be by using our best gifts at work. We affirm that excellence in business is a noble and Godly pursuit and reject the false dichotomy of choosing sacred or secular values in business, rather believing that faith in God and His goodness provides the lens through which we view all issues and decisions.


We care about people for more than their contribution to the bottom line. We value people and relationships and with open hands extend benevolence and goodwill to our team, clients, competitors, and collaborators.


Shared Abundance

We do not have to win at the expense of other’s losses. Rather, in a market and world of abundance, there is plenty for all. We have been richly blessed, and we are stewards of great financial, relational, and influential wealth.



We value positive change and growth. Personally and organizationally, we fearlessly embrace learning from experiences, each other, and other teachers and influencers. We recognize that our technology, methodology, and philosophy nearly always have room for improvement.



Every relationship, contract, or decision will be based on an uncompromising personal foundation of integrity, honesty, and fairness. In our varying abilities and circumstances, we provide quality services with professionalism and class. We never knowingly take unfair advantage of people or circumstances, or use our power and influence to unjustly disadvantage those less fortunate. We strive to live with consciences free of offense to all people.

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